Examples of Fluids You Should Check Regularly to Keep Your Car Healthy

Regular maintenance of your vehicle keeps it running smoothly and also reduces the cost of repair. Regardless of any skill you have, you can check the fluids on your own. Knowing the basics empower you to know the types of fluids that keep your car efficient. The following are examples of fluids that you check it often.

  • Power steering fluid - The power steering fluid assists in keeping your car steering easy and smooth. When the level of fluids in steering become low, it produces some weird sounds. Checking it is easy you just need to pop up the hood and find the reservoir. If it starts leaking it is wise to take it to the mechanic.
  • Brake Fluid - The brake fluid is a closed system that you should not leave it low. You should always check it to ensure it is clean. It keeps the brakes of a car working correctly.

Other important fluids worth checking are engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Contact us if you found a major problem in the fluid system.

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