Why Are Genuine OEM Parts a Better Option for Your Imported Vehicle?

Buying and using aftermarket parts for your car may seem like the cheaper option when searching for which parts and accessories are the best fit for your vehicle. Usually people find these parts online and then find a local service shop to complete the repair themselves, but here at United Imports, we know that this is almost always a bad idea.

Aftermarket parts are mass produced, meaning that there usually aren't specific parts for your specific vehicle. They are less costly because they're made cheaply and can end up failing much quicker than genuine OEM parts, causing you to buy them more often and even resulting in damage to your vehicle.

When it's time to replace something, always go to the original dealership. Here at United Imports, we want your imported performance vehicle to serve you well far into the future, and the best way to ensure that is by having it serviced by professionals that know your vehicle best and only use genuine OEM parts.

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