Seasonal Maintenance is Important for Safe Travels as the Seasons Change

Even here in San Jose, CA, when the weather changes and seasons come to an end, there are a few things that you should do to your performance vehicle as the seasons start to change, especially when travelling to cold weather states. Here at United Imports, we want your vehicle to continue to perform at the highest level long into the future, and the best way to ensure that is by bringing your vehicle into it's OEM service center for seasonal maintenance.

A good maintenance schedule is going to be key to making your car last longer during seasons of the year. By following seasonal maintenance tips, you can help to provide the best service schedule for your car year round.

During the Spring, you should be prepared for wet driving conditions. If you haven’t had your tires checked recently, you will want to have them checked before driving too much in spring. The tires could slip on wet roads when driving if they do not have the right amount of tread on the tires. Spring also brings more dirt and debris onto the road. Having your oil changed before spring will ensure that your engine is protected and properly lubricated for the warm summer months ahead.

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