At our dealership in San Jose, Ca, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner. Part of this is knowing how to remove bad odors from your vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car smelling like new!

Keep Your Vehicle Clean From Trash

Be sure to remove trash from your vehicle immediately after you get out to avoid smells from rotting food. Keeping your carpets vacuumed is also a good way to keep your car smelling clean.

Use Home Remedies or Odor Bombs If Necessary

When you find that your car does have an intense odor, several home remedies will help do away with a bad stench. You can try leaving a cup of coffee grounds or white vinegar inside overnight or use citrus products to clean up the smell. In worse case scenarios you might want to try an odor bomb or ozone generator to kill bacteria. Service your vehicle at United Imports!

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