The last thing any car owner wants is to be the victim in a stolen vehicle case. Luckily, there are some easy tips that can keep your car in your possession. Consider the following suggestions to ward off car thieves.

Make sure your vehicle is clearly identifiable. This means you should strive to keep the VIN number visible on the dashboard. You may even want to etch the number on a few of the windows. Car thieves will stray away from a vehicle that can be easily identified.

Remember to look for lighted areas when parking. Thieves want to break into vehicles under the cover of night. They are a lot less likely to do so where their activity can be viewed by others. To take advantage of this, park near a streetlight or well-lit building. Thieves will really have to think twice before acting under these circumstances.

Make sure to use these tips when you buy a new vehicle. When you are searching for your next car, visit UNITED IMPORTS in San Jose, CA for a test drive of the newest models.

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