Bringing our furry friends along for a ride can make us just as happy as it makes them. Pets can be hard on your vehicle, however, but there are ways to ensure your car is as dog-friendly as possible.

Rubber floor mats and seat covers can be quickly cleaned of mud and other debris, sparing your upholstery. Your car's seat shape can also be a factor in your dog's comfort. If you've got a large dog, a bench-style back seat is perfect for them to stretch out on, while small dogs enjoy curling up on bucket seats. Cars with vents in the back seat can also keep your dog more comfortable on warm days.

If you have a small dog, you might consider investing in a ramp to help with exiting the vehicle if she's not able to jump out safely. You can also install gates in the cargo area, so Fido has his own designated spot. Visit us at UNITED IMPORTS in San Jose, CA, and we can help you outfit your car for carrying your pet.

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