Want to make sure you get the right loan? You should work with a dealership that’s going to help you out of a bad deal with a refinance option or trade-in. You should always be able to make a deal with the loan company to save your vehicle or get into a different one for less money. If you are positive equity in your vehicle, then you know your car worth is more than you owe. This is a good place to be in because you can technically sell your car and make a profit.

In addition, if you have negative equity, you can also opt for a refinance or trade-in offer. However, it might be better to get help by trading in your vehicle for something much more reasonable to your budget.

When you trade in your car with a loan, the dealer will pay off the loan for you so that you only owe on your next purchase. You can see all of your options when you come into United Imports located in San Jose, CA for more information.

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