Vehicle Accident Protocol

Motor vehicle accidents happen by the tens of thousands each year. The shock and panic of the situation may leave some mentally foggy as to what to do. By learning and remembering a few steps in advance, motorists are better prepared should collisions occur. The latest vehicles have state-of-the-art technology designed to keep motorists safer and prevent collisions. See what our San Jose, CA United Imports inventory has to offer. Feel free to go for a road test.

When a collision occurs, try to remain calm. Offer assistance to anyone who may have been injured. Call 911 if necessary. If possible, move the vehicle out of traffic. Call the police. Exchange personal information with the other driver. Their name, address, and insurance information are all needed. Fill out the accident report and file the document as recommended.

Make arrangements to have the vehicle towed if it can no longer be driven. Contact your insurance company. Choose a qualified body shop to have the vehicle repaired.

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