Cleaning Your Car Quickly

Keeping your car clean and tidy not only reflects pride of ownership, but also helps to maintain your car's defenses against interior wear, rust and exterior road damage. Maintaining your car's appearance can also help to improve its resale value.

While a detailed cleaning is always preferable, when you're pressed for time, a quick clean in under five minutes is the way to go. First, throw away any loose wrappers or empty cups from your car. Hose down the exterior, paying close attention to any spots that are especially dirty. 

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Tips for Being Part of a Back to School Carpool

It can be helpful for you to set something up with another parent or two so that you will all join with one another when it comes to getting your children to and from school. It is important for you to look out for the safety of the children involved when you get a carpool system set up.

When you are driving a vehicle full of children, make sure that everyone is buckled before you put the vehicle into motion. After you have dropped the children at their destination, you should check out the backseat to make sure that everyone…

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SUVs Provide Superior Seating

One of the major features that drivers find important in a new vehicle is how efficient and comfortable the seating feels. With an SUV, you will find that the seating is one of its many pros.

SUV seats tend to be higher due to the build of the vehicles. So sitting up higher will help you as the driver because not only will you see over traffic, but you can use that advantage to look ahead for hazards. That way, you have some extra time to avoid certain accidents and avoid potential dangers. 

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Avoid a Costly Mistake With a Vehicle History Report

Have you ever bought something that someone else owned before you? Maybe it was a used television or an appliance. If you've ever bought something used but then had unexpected problems with it, then you understand how valuable a vehicle history report can be. At UNITED IMPORTS, we want you to know about any potential problems that a used vehicle might have, and we want you to know about the problems before you buy. 

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A Few Reasons to Consider Getting a New Truck This Year

Consider these benefits of owning a new truck compared to getting a car at UNITED IMPORTS this year.

One unique feature of the truck is the ability to take it off-road. The four-wheel drive system will not only make short work of muddy trails or sandy beaches, but a truck can easily get through the snow and rainy conditions more easily. The heavier construction of the truck means it will have more stability when the road conditions are less than ideal.

The truck of today is packed with as many if not more safety features than you would find in…

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Detailing Your Vehicle Should Not Be Considered a Chore

Getting your car detailed each week should not be considered a chore, it should be looked at like an investment in the future of your car. Keeping the car clean will help to protect your investment over the years.

Dirt on the car left for weeks mixes with heavy rains and acts like an abrasive that will in time scratch the surface of the paint to the point it could lead to the exposure of the bare metal below.

Your ride will be that much safer when you can see clearly out the windows and using your mirrors.

Bird dropping…

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The Pros and Cons of Getting a New Tonneau Cover for Your Truck Bed

The entire team here at UNITED IMPORTS wanted to pass along this information about the good and bad of owning a new tonneau cover.

One big advantage of having a new tonneau cover over your truck bed is things won't be flying out of the vehicle when you are driving. Since everything is now under the cover, it will stay in the bed.

The tonneau cover will be a deterrent to anyone trying to get stuff from the back of your truck. Once the tonneau cover is placed on the bed, your tools and other items you may need…

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Several Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

These are some of the common reasons why the tire pressure indicators in your vehicle have signaled trouble with one or more of the tires.

It could be that you simply drove over something and now it is stuck in your tire. It may be embedded in the tire because of driving on it for so long, so it's difficult to spot. The longer it stays in the tire, the more air is going to simply escape around it.

A change in temperature of just ten degrees can cause the air pressure in each of the car's tires…

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Be Sure to Replace Your Vehicle's Belts and Hoses

If you hear a hissing sound while using your vehicle, it may be that you have a hose that is leaking air. If you notice that your vehicle does not run smoothly or that it just is not working as it once worked, you may have belts that need to be replaced. You should seek out help when you notice anything going on with your vehicle.

We can take on your belt and hose needs in our service center and figure out what is going on with your vehicle. You can trust our team to figure out if you have…

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Is Your Transmission in Trouble?

The transmission on your car smooths the transition between changing gears. When it becomes hard to change gears, this is usually a problem with your transmission. Jerking motions when you are driving, or a delayed engagement when you put your car into gear can mean that your transmission needs work.

If you are driving and notice that your car is more difficult to drive than normal, it's time to bring your car to UNITED IMPORTS in San Jose and have our service professionals take a look. Problems with your transmission will get worse over time, and you can end…

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