Inventory Shortages


If you’ve driven by a car dealership recently you may have noticed there are very few cars available. So what’s going on in the market right now?

With microchip shortages and manufacturing halted last year due to COVID-19, inventory is low, but demand remains steady. This means some dealers are taking advantage of the market-demand by charging over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

But not at United Imports of San Jose.

Our “Simple Price, Simple Process” philosophy means we will never sell a vehicle over MSRP, no matter what’s going on in the market.

Our best and lowest price is posted on every vehicle, and while we may have fewer vehicles available than we’d like right now, we have more on the way for you!

Right now, you can put a deposit on a vehicle, and that price will be honored when the vehicle arrives to our dealership. AND, if the price has lowered by the time your vehicle gets here? We’ll honor that lower price! It’s as simple as that.

Talk to an associate about securing one of our incoming units.

And if you have a pre-owned vehicle, now is quite possibly the best time to bring ‘er in for a trade! When new inventory is low, used inventory drops as well, meaning we’re paying above and beyond for pre-owned vehicles in good condition right now. Interested? Get started with an appraisal here:

Trade In