Used 2015 TeslaModel S 70D

  • VIN: 5YJSA1S22FF093379
  • Stock: 17142
37,962 miles
Fuel Economy
101.0/102.0 mpg City/Hwy
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Used 2015  Tesla Model S Sedan 70D

Exterior Color: Obsidian Black Metallic


Interior Color: Black

Vin Number: 5YJSA1S22FF093379

Stock: 17142

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Dealer Notes

Clean Carfax Navigation Rear View Camera Parking Sensors Heated Front Seats 4G Wifi HD Radio Streaming Radio Bluetooth Cruise Control And More..... 1 Owner Vehicle Lease Return Vehicle Under Original Manufactures Warranty 4yrs/50k
Tesla Model S
  • Carfax One Owner

Detailed Specifications Consumer Reviews

Kelley Blue Book -
Overall4.8Out of 5
  • The future of automobiles

    By CPC on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Tesla has managed a momentous achievement by building a new car company in an industry with high barriers to entry. In the process, it has changed the automotive landscape with this exceptional car. Superb handling, unmatched acceleration, advanced technology, comfort, and unrivaled practicality and available in one vehicle. Have owned 50+ vehicles over the years, and nothing compares to the Model S on an overall basis. Time saved by virtually no maintenance and no gas station stops, plus electricity for charging costing less than 10% (averaging with use of superchargers) of premium fuel for comparable vehicles make the vehicle a rational financial decision. My wife bought a P100D, and I was so impressed bought another for myself. Tesla is still losing billions of dollars, but Elon Musk is a brilliant business person with a long-term plan, and is likely to pull this off
  • A Glimpse into the Future of Automobiles

    By DonJoseinRanchoSantaFe on Monday, February 08, 2016

    After driving 2 electrics vehicles for more than a year I have come to the conclusion that the future of automobiles is electric. I lease a Fiat 500e to go back and forth to the golf course and bought a Tesla 70 for my wife. We drive the Tesla whenever we go out for its comfort and style. Here are the pros and cons of electric cars after one year: Pros 1.They are environmentally responsible – Zero emissions 2.They are “anti-OPEC” – we will use less gas, less imported oil 3. They are economical – up to 120 MPG equivalent in the city 4.You can lease a Fiat 500e for less than $150 per month on a 3 year lease 5.They are cheaper to insure – about 20% less than a gasoline or diesel vehicle 6.There are many incentives that lower actual cost – In California rebates from the state of $2,500, a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 and a reduction in SDG&E bill of up to 30% by reclassifying your home to a lower rate 7.They are quiet – the electric motor on the Fiat emits only a slight whine 8.You never need to buy gas – You start every day with a “full tank” 9.Tesla has installed a network of “Super Chargers” that will enable you to charge your car to 50% capacity from zero in about 25 minutes for free – other providers such as Blink Network are widely available which allow you to charge at nominal rates 10.They are mechanically very simple, so you never need to change the oil, adjust the transmission, tune up the engine, pass a smog test or replace timing belts, batteries etc. 11.Dealer check-up is only every 20,000 miles. They plug it into a computer to check all the systems. 12.They are fun to drive with great acceleration and cornering due to weight distribution 13.They are easy to park, and the Fiat 500e fits into small parking spaces. The Tesla parks itself! 14.You can apply for a special permit, which allows you to get on the freeway using the HOV lane and drive in the commuter lanes even if you are alone 15. Some facilities such as Universities and Government offices provide free preferred parking while charging your car Cons 1.Limited range – Fiat 500e will go 80 to 90 miles on a charge – Tesla P70 goes 220 miles 2.You have to plug it in every night and unplug it every morning – Tesla Requires a 220 outlet to be installed 3.They are slow to charge – it takes 12 hours to fully charge the Fiat from emptly on a 110 line – 2 Hours on a 220 line – Tesla requires 3 hours to fully charge on a 220 line 4.Commercial recharge stations are available but they are slow to fully recharge – 2 hours from empty – Tesla Superchargers will charge 50% in 20 minutes – Starbuck’s nearby! 5.Unknown battery life – manufacturers estimate 8 years -- Battery disposal may pollute the environment – Replacement batteries might be very expensive 6.Regenerative braking takes a while to get used to
  • Much better than my Mercedes S Class!

    By Chrissi on Friday, November 13, 2015

    This car has the best service of any car I have owned in the past 40 years (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.). This must be exactly why Elon Musk doesn't allow dealerships. Musk's statement "if anything goes wrong with the car I built, I need to take care of it and not charge my customers," is unheard of in today's automobile industry. The result is very happy customers and a car that is superior to any in its class! The word is that Tesla S is an expensive car, however, it costs much less than a Mercedes S class and is no more expensive than a high end BMW, Porsche, Audi, Toyota, etc. I just drove my Tesla S to the East Coast and back to the West Coast for a total of 8,200 miles. Not a single problem with my Tesla S (now at 60,000 miles) and not a single incident of range anxiety thanks to the growing network of super chargers Elon Musk built from East to West. Since the super charging for Tesla cars is for free, I got a free ride! Needless to say, my other gas guzzling cars have been in the garage for two years now since a full charge of 250+ miles for my Tesla S is less then $3,00. No need to spend money on gas for a full tank and pollute the environment! Thank you, Elon Musk! Your company is the rare bird in the automobile industry, and you are a man of great vision! My next car is . . . guess . . . a Tesla S or Tesla X.

Highlighted Features

  • Navigation system
  • Blind spot sensor
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Wireless phone connectivity
  • Exterior parking camera front
  • Exterior parking camera rear
  • Front dual zone A/C
  • Rain sensing wipers

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